A low foaming, final acid anionic rinse for use in the beverage and food industries.

Leaves tanks and equipment spotless and avoids mineral build-up
Not affected by organic soils
Do not use on soft metals
Only 60 sec contact time needed!
Can be used in CIP systems
Dosage: 25 - 40 ml / 10 litres
User manual in German & Danish

Directions for use

Use as a final rinse after thoroughly cleaning with a good alkaline cleaner such as PBW™. Use Saniclean™ at a rate of 25 - 40 ml per 10 L of water (1 oz/3 gal to 1 oz/2 gal of water). Apply by spray or soak with a contact time of at least 3 minutes. Empty or drain the recipient and let air dry. Close the packaging tightly after use and store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Always keep containers upright to prevent leakage.
Keep out of reach of children.
DO NOT MIX SANICLEAN™ with chlorinated cleaners as chlorine gas will result.
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