NukaTap Black SS, Stealt Bomber

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 NukaTap Black SS, Stealt Bomber

NukaTap draft tap, Stainless Steel, specially designed sealing system and streamlined design reduces foam even on the first pour. Great mat black look.
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NukaTap has set the bar high with their new groundbreaking design within draft beer taps. With their innovative sealing system, it has never been easier to pour beer and other beverages without foam.

The taps are designed for a wide range of beverages, as they do not use an O-ring, which over time gets worn and corroded to not close tightly. Instead, NukaTap uses a TPV rubber solid casting, designed as a missile for sealing, which closes tightly throughout the front. This design allows it to withstand acidic beverages such as Sour beers or Kombucha. NukaTap is the most resistant and durable draft beer tap we have seen to this date. The known metal against metal is not present in a NukaTap. The design is smooth and form-fitting.

To reduce foaming at first pour, NukaTap is designed so that the spout on the tap cools down faster, so that the foam is reduced. With or without Flow Control, the new missile-like seal ensures a long life on the tap. The design of the tap also protects you against bacteria and wild yeast, as the streamlined design has no cracks or rough surfaces. With the forward-looking missile-like design, the NukaTap seals the tap throughout the front, to ensure that bacteria do not enter. Avoid worries about contaminated drinks and pour a beer with NukaTap.

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